Rocket Development Laboratory

The University of La Verne


"Be involved in the things that change the world. The Internet did, and space will probably be more responsible for changing the world than anything else."
-Elon Musk, CEO & CTO, SpaceX


The world’s premier collegiate┬árocket development and research group.

We are fueled with determination and the goal of launching a scratch-built, student made rocket into orbit and recovering the rocket after it’s flight.

“We are RDL . .

because we are innovators, we accept challenges, and thrive through adversity. We are uniquely different and refuse to accept the status quo. We are dedicated to hard work, discipline, and teamwork. We are leaders in our communities. We are believers in our mission. We bring enthusiasm and creativity and we never lack the motivation to push our limits. We are The University of La Verne, Rocket Development Laboratory.”

-Emmanuel Akosah, COO & Founder, ULVRDL


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